The 11th International Baltic Conference on DB and IS, DB&IS2014 June 8-11, 2014, Tallinn, ESTONIA
List of Accepted Papers

Papers accepted to main conference track

  • Svetlana Omelkova and Peep Küngas. Schema Matching Similarity Threshold Detection for Automated Web Services Network Construction
  • Florian Stahl, Fabian Schomm and Gottfried Vossen. The Data Marketplace Survey Revisited
  • Michael Schäfers and Udo W. Lipeck. Spatial Data Integration Using Similarity-based Matching
  • Yanchen Liu, Masood Mortazavi, Fang Cao, Mengmeng Chen and Guangyu Shi. Cost-Based Data-Partitioning for Intra-Query Parallelism
  • Andre Dietrich, Siba Mohammad, Sebastian Zug and Jörg Kaiser. Data Management in Smart Environments Using a NoSQL Database ROS meets Cassandra
  • Pedro M. Silva, Énio Pereira and Telmo Alberto. Scalable Contact Center Management with Data Partitioning and Data Integration
  • Vytautas Čyras and Friedrich Lachmayer. Compliance and Program Transparency for Legal Machines
  • Gatis Vitols, Ingus Smits and Aleksejs Zacepins. Issues of hybrid mobile application development with PhoneGap: A case study of insurance mobile application
  • Jevgeni Marenkov, Tarmo Robal and Ahto Kalja. Improving Sophisticated Self-Service Portal User Interfaces: a Study on User Click Behaviour
  • Ivo Odītis and Janis Bicevskis. Runtime Verification of Business Processes
  • Arturs Sprogis. DSML Tool Definition Metamodel
  • Diana Kalibatiene, Olegas Vasilecas and Aidas Smaizys. The Framework for Decision Process Automation in Intellectualised Information Systems
  • Vija Vagale and Laila Niedrite. Learner Classification for Providing Adaptability of E-Learning Systems
  • Deniss Ojastu, Tarmo Robal and Ahto Kalja. Perceptions of Software Development Practitioners on Client Learning
  • Sergejs Kozlovics and Peteris Rucevskis. Data Galaxies: A Common Space for Data Manipulation and Visualization
  • Innar Liiv and Ott Lepik. Business process mining in warehouses: a case study
  • Dale Dzemydiene, Saulius Maskeliūnas, Arunas Miliauskas, Ramute Naujikiene and Giedre Dzemydaite. An Approach of E-Service Composition for Multi-Spectral Data Analysis in Data Warehouses of Waste Water Resource Management Sector
  • Erki Eessaar. Specifying Business Architecture as a Step Towards Achieving Normalized Systems
  • Markus Endres. Preference Selectivity Estimation for Cost-Based Query Optimization
  • Janis Barzdins, Edgars Rencis and Agris Sostaks. Data Ontologies and Ad Hoc Queries: a Case Study
  • Viktoria Ovchinnikova and Erika Asnina. Reverse Engineering Tools for Getting a Domain Model within TFM4MDA
  • Girts Karnitis, Janis Bicevskis, Jana Cerina-Berzina and Zane Bicevska. Business Processes Modeling and Practice
  • Ziqiang Diaio, Shuo Wang and Eike Schallehn. Cloud-based Persistence Services for MMORPGs
  • Οlga Fragou and Achilles Kameas. Supporting ODL Tutors in Learning Design: the case of D4P
  • Kristiina Kindel, Valter Ritso and Urve Venesaar. Enterprises' Satisfaction with e government: A Case of Countries in Baltic Sea Region
  • Lelde Lace, Audris Kalnins and Agris Sostaks. Mappings for process DSL using Virtual Functional Views
  • Marite Kirikova. Ecosystemic Viability of Information Systems
  • Olga Ianiuk and Boris Novikov. Waste Data Querying: The City of Petrozavodsk
  • Abdulkadir Hiziroglu and Omer Faruk Seymen. Modelling Customer Churn: A New Perspective Within Data Mining Framework
  • Thouraya Sakouhi and Jalel Akaichi. Inference On Semantic Trajectory Data Warehouse Using An Ontological Approach
  • Jüri Vain, Aivo Anier and Evelin Halling. Provably correct test generation for online testing of timed systems
  • Kārlis Čerāns, Guntis Barzdins, Guntars Bumans, Jūlija Ovčiņņikova, Aiga Romāne and Sergejs Rikacovs. On Semantic Re-Engineering of Relational Databases
  • Jurgo Preden, Timo Tomson, Raido Pahtma and Leo Motus. Solving big data: distributing computation among smart devices
  • Vilius Okockis and Linas Bukauskas. Meta-Modelling of Continuously Evolving and Highly Structured Data Models
  • Kristina Lapin. Visualization approaches for mobile device
  • Jolanta Miliauskaitė. The membership function construction in view-based framework

Papers accepted to doctoral consortium

  • Raikhan Muratkhan. Method of information security risk estimation
  • Andrea Giudici and Tarmo Soomere. Measuring Finite Time Compressibility from large simulated datasets: Towards identification of areas of spontaneous patch formation in the Gulf of Finland
  • Arunas Miliauskas. An automatic service composition system in the travel planning domain based on a HTN planning with description logic
  • Peeter Lump. Towards better specifications for software subcontracting
  • Andrejs Kaulins and Arkadijs Borisovs. Building Ontology from Relational Database
  • Natalia Järv, Innar Liiv, Jekaterina Ivask and Maria Merkulova. Creating an Information Architecture for an Enterprise Large-Scale Websites Using a Card Sorting Method
  • Kalle Tomingas, Margus Kliimask and Tanel Tammet. Mappings, Rules and Patterns in a Template Based ETL Construction
  • Armands Šlihte and Janis Osis. The Integrated Domain Modeling: A Case Study