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Kalle Tammemäe
associate professor

Akadeemia tee 15A
12618 Tallinn, Estonia
Office: ICT-528
Tel: (+372) 620 2260

Centre of Excellence - CEBE




Kalle Tammemäe is an associate professor of Department of Computer Systems (CS), Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), Estonia.
Kalle Tammemäe graduated TUT five year study program in Computer Engineering (CE) in 1981. Since then his career has been connected with TUT, starting as computer engineer in Dept. of CE, moving gradually to more research and teaching related positions.
In 1993 he had research scholarship at Darmstadt University of Technology Dept. of Microelectronic Systems, Germany. In 1995-1996 he worked as guest researcher in Electrons System Design Lab, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.  At that time he found challenging topics for his future research – Hardware-Software Co-Design (HSCO) and obtained PhD degree with thesis “Control Intensive Digital System Synthesis” in 1997.
He was elected to assistant professor position at TUT in 1997 and to associate professor position in 2000. His main research and teaching topic then were HSCO, Embedded System Design and synthesis using High-Level Hardware Description Languages (VHDL).
In 2000 Kalle Tammemäe was elected to rector’s position of brand new higher education institution – Estonian Information Technology College. He was re-elected and continued administration of institution until the end of 2010 when he was invited to rector’s team of Tallinn University of Technology. He was fulfilling the responsibilities of Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs of TUT till end of 2013. In beginning of 2014 K. Tammemäe returned to researcher career in TUT, Department of Computer Systems.
K. Tammemäe is Senior member of IEEE since 1996 (membership in CS, RAS and ES),
and member of ACM since 2000. He was a chair of IEEE Estonia Section in years 2013-2016. He has been involved in many higher education and ICT education related working and action groups in Estonia.


Research Interests

  1. Self-Aware Systems: Learning, inference, prediction, introspection, attention, anomaly detection
  2. Hardware-Software Co-Design (HSCO)
  3. Hardware Description and Synthesis languages (VHDL)
  4. Networks-on-Chip, Systems-on-Chip
  5. Reconfigurable Systems: FPGA, soft processors
  6. Embedded Systems Design: dependability, HCI

Research related activities

  • Co-organizer of SelPhyS (Self-Awareness in Cyber-Physical systems) workshop at CPSWEEK 2016, Vienna, Austria, at CPSWEEK 2017, Pittsburgh, USA, and at Aston University, Birmingham, UK in 2018.
  • Reviewer/ member of PC: NorChip, CODES-ISSS, Journal of SP Systems, NORCAS, DDEECS, FPGA4GPC, MICPRO, etc.
  • ReCoSoC 2016 Publication Chair
  • MOBIHEALTH 2017 Workshops chair


List of publications: Estonian Research Portal
  • Poster presentation on base of extended Abstract at the SelPhys (Self-aware Cyber-Physical Systems) Workshop at the Cyber-Physical Systems Week 2017 in Pittsburgh, USA: "Hierarchical attention network to manage processing resources of CPSs" (poster) and (abstract)
  • Presentation at AmiEs-2017 in Vaasa (Finland) "Feasibility of a multi-tier Cyber Physical System as a Self-Aware Entity" (presentation)


2015 | 2016 | 2017 fall: Embedded Systems (IAY0330)
2016 | 2017 fall: Basics of Embedded Systems (IAY0230)
2015 | 2016 | 2017 |2018 spring: System-on-Chip Design (IAY0550)

Topics for Bachelor and  Master thesis 

  • (Bachelor): Human perception of a device introspection. The "mood" indicator of the Cyber Physical System
  • (Master): HW or embedded system implementation of various inference and anomaly detection algorithms (Bayes, HMM, HTM, ESN, DLNN)
  • (Master): Numenta HTM model learning algorithm HW implementation on Graphics Processing Unit (e.g. Nvidia CUDA, Mali™-450 GPU on Ordroid-C2 one-board-computer)
  • (Bachelor/Master) Varia: ESs and CPSs using controllers and boards of Microchip, TI, Xilinx, RaspBerry, etc.

Blog (in Estonian mostly)

  1. "Miniatuurne märgvara", avaldatud Arvutimaailma veebiväljaandes 10. aprillil 2018
  2. Eneseteadlike süsteemide ajastu (2014, Estonian)
  3. Nalletroonika (hobi)


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