EWME 2014 will take place in Tallinn whose picturesque Old Town with its fascinating medieval architecture and slender church spires is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The conference will be held at Nordic Hotel Forum

Viru väljak 3, 10111 Tallinn Estonia +372 622 2900,




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Tallinn is the meeting point of medieval heritage and high-tech solutions. At its heart you will find Tallinn's medieval city centre (Old Town), where medieval buildings and structures have been preserved nearly unchanged (added to UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997). At the same time, Tallinn is a modern and open city with tall buildings of glass and steel, illuminated signs of major international companies, a modern airport and passenger ports. Many IT inventions have gotten their start from Tallinn, probably Skype is one of the best-known of these IT start-ups. The New York Times has characterized Estonia as "a sort of Silicon valley on the Baltic Sea".

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