Social Program

Welcome reception
May 14th, 2014


The EWME 2014 Conference reception will be held on Wednesday, May 14th, in Tallinn Town Hall. Tallinn Town Hall is the only surviving Gothic town hall in Northern Europe.  Built in the heart of Tallinn, next to a marketplace, the Town Hall has witnessed trade and social activities for over 700 years. It has still remained the most important representational building in town.


Photo author: Jaak Nilson







Social event
May 15th, 2014

The EWME 2014 social event will take place Thursday, May 15th. theWe will start by visiting the Museum of Coastal Folk

A complex of seaside-farmhouse over 150 years old is located in the picturesque coastal village pf pringi. here you can get a glimse of the everyday lives of villagers, of their work on both the land and sea, of their entertainment and village parties, their market days and holyday traditions.

The historical atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and the best place to admire the famous silhouette of Tallinn.



After that, we will visit the historic Seaplane Harbour and have a Conference Dinner there. The Seaplane Harbour is a treasure trove of maritime history that hides incredible stories from above and below the water! It is one of the most exciting museum in Estonia. Seaplane Harbour is located in one of the oldest seaside areas of Tallinn, in Kalamaja, 2km from the city center.





social_photo_3_sm.png Seaplane hangars were initially constructed as part of the naval fortress of Peter the Great in 1916-1917. The hangars are the world's first reinforced concrete shell structure.
social_photo_4_200.png Submarine Lembit was hauled out of the water to become the centre piece of the new maritime museum. She is the world's only surviving mine-laying submarine of its series dating back to 1930's. Climb into the submarine and learn more about the life of mariners!
social_photo_5_200.png One of the most enthralling exhibits at the Seaplane Harbour is the full-size replica of the British seaplane Short 184. The seaplane conducted the first successful aerial torpedo attack in history
social_photo_6_200.png The Maasilinn ship is the oldest wrecks ever found in Estonian waters. The surviving part of the wreck was discovered by marine archaeologists in 1985. The ship was built about 1550 and is the only known example of a locally built ship from the Middle Ages.

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